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But I wanted to see if the LCD screen was fixable, so I emailed the previous owner for some more details. I tested with multimedia projector, the line is not in the project display. The problem disappeared only after I replaced the motherboard. If you plug it into a monitor and switch it over, and you get video problems, then you know the issue is not with the LCD. How about this one.

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Then you close the display, one of the display locking hooks presses on the switch located inside one of sony vaio pcg 5b1l holes, activating the switch. After reading through all the posts here I guess my question is, even though it had the pink hue which points to a CCFL issue, since it now is very dim do you think it is a CCFL issue or sony vaio pcg 5b1l inverter issue?

Have you tried to reseat the video cable on the motherboard? I cannot narrow it down without test LCD. I have a Dell This is the best setting I have managed to get but is still some way short of full resolution not to mention the 5b11l has slowed to snails pace and paging rates are awful.

When I got a Satellite A laptop with this problem for the first time it took me just 10 minutes to troubleshoot it. Hi, I need help removing a laptop screen for a toshiba qosimo g It works sony vaio pcg 5b1l for minutes siny then the screen goes gray with a few horizontal white lines.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

One final thing, I sony vaio pcg 5b1l the VGA board on laptops was discrete? You mention a utility to test video card memory, but I cannot seem to find it. I checked the output on an exernal monitor and its fine.

Because if it was the mother board, why would it even turn on. I closed my monitor slny a pen was inside.

Carlos, Are you getting these horizontal lines even before Windows loads or they appear only in Windows environment? It exactly corresonds to ribbon connection 4 from the left as you look at the circuit board.

Fórmula del toner – Química – 01

Eduardo, I think it could be a video memory related problem. Test the laptop with an external monitor. The background ocg light gray instead of black. Toshiba AS Laptop and everything is working fine.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

There is nothing live threatening. I called up tech support seeing what they would do low and behold sony vaio pcg 5b1l said it was good until november 7 of this year. The final step would sony vaio pcg 5b1l replacing the motherboard, nothing else left. I should mention that the bios and bios splash screen are also off centre.

Not sure about European units. Does any body know if there any type of FUSE on the motherboard? I removed the plastic front of the laptop that holds the screen in. You can remove the screw if you remove the seal first. This requires you to open the keyboard and some selective pressure to find out what works.

Sounds like a problem with the LCD screen. Let me know how it goes with the external video output. I have an Alienware Laptop and last night a pixel wide blue line appeared on my screen running vertically.

Probably Sony vaio pcg 5b1l should sacrifice one of my laptops and leave it in the sun to see if I can reproduce the problem. With the help of an external light like bright sunlight reflecting in you can still make out the icons etc. My Toshiba Satellite S video is out of order by overheating probably. Took apart the lcd housing, and put it back again, but to no avail. Test the AC adapter using a voltmeter, find out if it works.

Video rasterizer circuitry video cardmemory system or built-inLCD cable, LCD assembly itself, clip connectors and sometimes bad parts on the motherboard. As well, thsi problem occurs from start up just like post My problem is identical to that of yasmin When I turn it on in the mornings, the screen sony vaio pcg 5b1l a disaster of moving lines etc.

I have the problem you illustrate in example 6: My question is this. Not likely, but possible. External monitor works FINE.

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