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But I think that in this model the video card is integrated into the system board and you cannot reseat it. If you can, then most likely a new inverter will fix the backlight problem. I got a satellite as dim video on lcd. John, Did you try to boot the laptop in Safe Mode? Do you have any ideas on what needs to be replaced next? Try to wiggle the power plug and see if the power LED flickers when you do that.

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My video distorts at random and forces me to restart my laptop.

When I use teh external monitor the startup looks fine. They are no more than a pixel or so wide—like toshiba satellite p35-s6292 —but the do over everything including the bottom task bar. All I see is a very faint image.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems

I think too that the problem would be a bad CCFL. Is it possible that some cord of ldc cable is broken or other edn of it is loose? I found a replacement inverter on ebay, the inverter lit the screen at p35-6s292 up however the 2 bars still appeared on screen, and the image was garbage. I guess you have to toshiba satellite p35-s6292 the same steps for replacing FL inverter on Acer laptops as for Toshiba laptop.

Toshiba satellite p35-s6292 know very little about the inside of my notebook, so please help me understand what I need to try. I am thinking that aatellite may be something simpler than a bad LCD given that toshiba satellite p35-s6292 is happening in exactly the same place as last time.

BTW, very often when the inverter is going bad, you can get the backlight back to normal for a moment if you tap a few times on toshiba satellite p35-s6292 lid close switch.

So I did run the video memory test and it failed. Harry, If the laptop LCD screen and external monitor roshiba the same bad video horizontal linesmost likely you have a bad motherboard, I assume the video card is integrated into the motherboard.

Test the laptop toshiba satellite p35-s6292 an external monitor.

But I wanted toshiba satellite p35-s6292 see if the LCD screen was fixable, so I emailed the previous owner for some more details. The laptop is a Acer aspire series.

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

I o35-s6292 replaced the LCD inverter itself and still have the problem. PSM42U or even the same. The color is faded or washed-out. OK I have updated the bios to the most toshiba satellite p35-s6292 and I reinstalled the display drivers, still no luck.

A bad video cable would affect image on the whole screen, not just in the top right corner.

I tried to buy an adapter to go off of satdllite VGA output ands into the TV, but this will only work with weird colors as the toshiba satellite p35-s6292 boots, but then quits. Thanks for the info! I installed Powerstrip and p35-a6292 reverse the colors, which almost look normal now. Thanks for your response. I dun want to waste unnecessary cash as I need the laptop for my school work. If yes where the location is. One day you wake up, turn on the laptop and see one or a few hair-like vertical lines in different colors.

It is most critical when I active any program that require video processing for example a screen saver. My frined recently bought an Acer Laptop and when the laptop is on there is a small green speck of light in the screen. Well i installed that just to see if it would work it did this time… not sure if it will die later on… Here is tosgiba toshiba satellite p35-s6292 with that i noticed about the Nvidea Cards today as i was toshiba satellite p35-s6292 at them… The 2 cards that i had 1 was the blueish tint one and the toshiba satellite p35-s6292 one was the DOA card each of them had different Assembly Revision Codes on them…The Blue Tint one had A JULY 06 and the DOA had A Feb 06 I was wondering if it had a reaction to the bios of the motherboard.

The screen still lights up and you still see an image on it, right? Any of the models listed above may toshiba satellite p35-s6292 either center pin sizes, please verify the size you need.

Try to upgrade or re-flash the BIOS. Sent my Toshiba a75 s toshiba satellite p35-s6292 be repaired was told that the blue line and blue ribbon going up and down my lcd was from Tab separation. Any advice on why only part of toshiba satellite p35-s6292 screen is on the fritz?

Video or photos look like color negatives vs. Some horizontal lines appeared in the middle of the LCD. Some models have shared video memory they use a part of the main memorysome models have a dedicated video memory. I changed the inverter and cable and no difference. Charlie, I would try to call to Acer and ask them if there is a know issue for your model. By the way, the laptop will not boot into Windows or it will not start at all? Please tell toshiba satellite p35-s6292 if I should check anything else before buying a new p35-w6292 board.

Also, when it looks p35-s629 this, I can sometimes move the mouse around and it will redraw properly behind the area where the mouse has moved.

I have been having problems with my backlight working for a couple ;35-s6292 seconds and then going dim.

M with standard type ac adapter plug tip Note: Also check the lid close switch, it should move freely. Do you happen to know where one can usually get those in a non-first world country such as mine? I was told by repair places sattellite people in the know that this CAN be toshiba satellite p35-s6292, although may require some patience.

Then you close the display, one of the display locking hooks presses on the switch located inside one of the toshiba satellite p35-s6292, activating the switch. I removed the FL inverter board to take it to a computer shop and find that part. Display cable motherboard to display? Ibn, I think this small green speck is the LCD screen defect.

I guess it happened because the system board had some kind of intermittent problem with onboard video or video connector. You said that the toshiba satellite p35-s6292 is not displayed correctly on the lowest and highest settings, do you have any other settings, something in the middle? Is it the inverter? Hi, let me just say, this page is a very cool resource.

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