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Richie – 25 oct a las Mil gracias espero tu respuesta. You start the laptop. June 30, at Can you please help me with this.

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Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem.

Every time power LED sonny on but nothing happens. Take a look at the battery contacts on the motherboard, make sure they are clean.

I was getting sony vaio vgn-fz240e to boot sometimes for a few seconds when I was holding the jack in the socket a certain way but not very often, so could be getting deceived if the current is maybe staying steady for a few seconds. There are no lights. You plug the AC adapter but the LEDs power light, hard drive light, battery charge light, etc… do not light up and the laptop will sony vaio vgn-fz240e react at all if you press on the power button. I have tried the power fixes, the result is the same, on battery, or power, with or without battery.

July 12, at You plug this adapter into UK socket and on the other side you have regular US connector. Sometimes this trick helps. Upon inserting the jack at the back of the laptop, a short light on the battery was also observed. El administrador me dice que la unidad funciona bien, jajaja. I have a HP Presario F With sony vaio vgn-fz240e the power cord plugged in and the battery in when I press the button it lights up then immediately goes off with either just the battery or just the cord when I press the button it lights up, I hear the fan kick on and then back off, the power light stays lit for about 30 seconds then turns off and the laptop gives another quick flash and turns off.

Nane – 28 abr a las Hola mdarkslide mira ami lo que me pasa es que meto un cd-dvd de un juego Star Wars lo juge y cuando termine apague la maquina, despues de un rato volvi a entrar y pasa que meto el cd voy a jugar sony vaio vgn-fz240e me dice inserte el disco voy a la unidad CD-RW D: In your case I would send it back sony vaio vgn-fz240e them and ask to fix the problem.

I would really appreciate any suggestions. I Press power button and get a short sweak sound then nothing. I have a dell inspiron laptop. Next evening when tried to switch sony vaio vgn-fz240e the problem was noticed.

If i try to turn it sony vaio vgn-fz240e right away the power light comes on for a second then the there is a beep followed by the wi-fii light and it shuts down. I had to power down the computer by holding the power button.

I was getting memory problems. First, I would check sony vaio vgn-fz240e memory module. Make sure the adapter outputs correct voltage. I have a Dell Inspiron October 22, at June 26, at 8: Notebook disassembly and inspection of DC power jack revealed positive post moves up and down in motherboard son point due to broken solder connection.

I had tried all of what you mentioned to no avail, but then I found that the pin that turns the monitor on and off had gotten stuck down, so problem solved! There is a light where you plug in the charger to indicate that it is charging properly and it is lit up but in a month I pressed sony vaio vgn-fz240e power button and ssony is a tiny little light in the left bottom corner that has a picture of a vajo bolt on top which flashed for a second but then it stopped.

Liquid spills are very unpredictable. sony vaio vgn-fz240e

In order to start any laptop with video on internal or external monitor you need three major parts: If the old adapter has same type of plug and polarity, you can use this adapter.

Siento que no es un problema dentro, sino que seria fisico, necesito su opinion! Yes, sony vaio vgn-fz240e should work fine. The optical drive will not open.

When buying a new adapter, dony the output voltage is sony vaio vgn-fz240e to the previous, now-dead, adapter — how much higher can the amperage be? De sonyy muchisimas gracias.

December 14, at Are you asking about the power cord? Also, do not buy cheap third party and compatible adapters.

AC/DC Power adapter | Laptop Parts

All the parts are new,and compatible. Did you read my post? Te lo agradeceria un monton.

Desfari FR, First of all, if the laptop is still under warranty you should send it sony vaio vgn-fz240e repair to the manufacturer. I have already tried going back through the machine and looking for disconnected cables.

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